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coco church

I am enjoying blog explosion... my only problem is I seem to be spending too much time surfing other blogs:) Likeyou though, I have stumbled on some interesting sites.

Keep on knitting!



hi! got here via BE. i just signed up recently, and i'm definitely getting more traffic. i'm just not sure if people are actually reading my blog, though.


I just signed up and have been surfing the blogs (and found yours). So far I'm not impressed. There are a lot of "not really blogs" blogs that you're stuck looking at.

WE'll see how the next few days pan out.


i found your site through BE and I think the site is great1 i never "get out" and go see other blogs usually... and this is a great way to check out some amazing people. like you for example. i'm glad i stumbled upon your blog. not that i knit or an very crafty at all... but it's a pleasant moment :)



I'm a B.E. fan too!


B.E. is addictive, I've got that to say for it... I've been sitting here surfing and looking at all these blogs... I haven't seen a spike in my stats or anything, but I have gotten some new commenters. :)


I like BE too!

Have a look at my blog

Simon goes undercover in Japan


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