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OMG, I am doing the exact some thing (especially the laundry part). This BE stuff is addicting. I've been telling myself 1 more blog for the last half an hour. Blogmarked you!


Uh, I just found your blog while surfing in Blog Explosion. One night while on Blog Explosion I reached the end of the line. When I checked the stats, I was astonished to discover I'd visited close to 200 blogs that night. It is very addicting. Nice blog, tho. I'm bookmarking to read more later. Right now, the Blog Explosion bar is telling me to go to #282. :)

Rachel in AZ via  Blog Explosion

What a great site. You have a way with words, that is for sure. I enjoy reading your posts and am now going back to read more.

Lockjaw The Ogre

At least it works.


I feel safe and secure with myself now. With so many other people reading from BE and in their pajamas, I have nothing to be ashamed about. I am addicted to BE, hear me ROAR!

j o y c e

what are these credits good for on blog explosion?



Hey, I just thought I would tell you that I stopped on by using BlogExplosion. I'm horribly absorbed with it too. I just can't get enough.


Another weary BlogExplosion traveller here! It's great fun though - and I've also discovered a whole bunch of wonderful blogs I never would have otherwise.


I'm facing the exsdact same problem. I've come to the end of blog explosion too....that is what scares me. I've been through ALL the member pages already.
It's TOOO addictive...but soo....comforting. Kind of relaxes you to let you know that hey your not the only messed up person on this planet..hahaha!


LOL I'm *exactly* the same - this is my first day of BE goodness...it's like having satellite...I'm channel hopping blog style! Great site :o)


I think we're all gonna need therapy for our addiction. I'm sooo addicted to. I can't stop...need...one...more...credit :P


I don't have a problem......no really I don't.....I swear.


It sucks you in...

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