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I think it just had the star on it. I remember thinking how nice and minimal it was! I did notice that ornaments were appearing and that there were some on the tree at one point but they're on the ground now, but I'm sure that there weren't any to start with besides the star on top!

Merry Christmas!



I believe there were originally a dozen ornaments, but you know, some get broken when the kitties play with them



I'm going to go with three. No, four. No, definitely three. Three's my final answer.

And my tree is starting to look just like, courtesy of the 8 little paws living around here.


Hm, I'm gonna go with seven. Yep, seven's my lucky number.


Hmmm, I'm going to go with eight. There are definately a few less ornaments in my house due to certain four legged family members...


Hmmm. I'll go with six.

I had hoped to get a package in the mail to you this week, but no such luck. I'll send it first thing next week.

Merry Christmas!


An even dozen? Maybe? Perhaps? Shot in the dark.

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