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My favorite LYS (and the closest one to me) is Rosie's Yarn Cellar ( http://www.rosiesyarncellar.com/index.htm ). They are literally in a cellar, which is fun. When you walk down the stairs, to the left is a little knitting area and to the right is a wall of crates full of (mostly) Koigu. In the middle of the wall on the left is a door to the other room; to the right of the door is a floor-to-ceiling display of Manos that takes up most of the rest of the wall. (In fact, most of their yarn is displayed floor to ceiling.) The smaller room (going from my right around the room counter-clockwise) has half a wall of baby yarns, a short wall of lux fibers, a long wall of standard wools and cottons with lace weight in cones on top, a short wall of pattern shelves, and a desk with a swift and winder on it, with nice yarns displayed behind on a "by request from the back" basis. In the walkway between the two rooms is a 9x9 set of crates full of sock yarn. (That's a lot of sock yarn.) And tucked in the gathering area by the stairs is a needle rack, a table with some books, and another half-wall full of nice yarns like colinette. They also have a large back room (almost the size of the whole shop) full of more yummy yarn + short wall of buttons!

And their bathroom has a phone jack in it. No clue why.

It's a bit on the small size, but the staff is consistant, knowledgeable, friendly, and their stock is very good. They have a great mix of high-end and affordable. There are 3 other yarn stores in Philly, so Rosie's tries to be well-priced and convenient. Which they are. They are the closest to Center City and West Philly and SEPTA (public transit).

Darn. I wrote you an essay. Sorry!


There are two main LYS here, the first is Colorful Stitches http://www.colorful-stitches.com/. I've been there once but I don't know, I just don't feel "at home" there.

The second is a bit of a haul from here, or maybe it just seems that way because it's in the complete opposite direction of anywhere I ever need to go lol. It's a combination gift shop/yarn store/jewelry/stamping/embroidery place and they've got a ton of neat stuff. They have 4 or 5 rooms of yarn, possibly more than that actually. Check out their website, their inventory is all listed there. http://www.wonderful-things.com/yarn.htm

The yarn lines the walls and also these double-sided shelves that come to about waistlevel, and on top of the cubbies/shelves are a millioni books of patterns. I'll be up and out of the house at six a.m. or so on Thursday to hit their annual sale.


I just moved to Tampa and there's a real posh, upscale and expensive LYS here which I don't like as much as the one in my old hometown, Gainesville, which was warm and cozy and unpretensious.

Loved your blog by the way. You write well, mind if I link to you?


My favorite lys (Baa baa lamb in Newaygo,MI) started out small, but is now much more spacious. You can touch the yarn, of which they have a lovely selection with new things arriving regularly. The store is open later on Wednesday and Thursday nights for "class". That is where knitters of all skill levels gather to knit, learn, chat and sip wine when the owner shares a bottle. One highlight of this store is a very experienced knitter who attends "class". Her name is Jane Crabtree. That sounds like a made-up name for a very experienced knitter. She can do anything - socks, intarsia, lace shawls...

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