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Me too. I just love it. Sometimes when I make a glaring mistake, I wonder if it's because I suck.But, it's just part of the learning... and that's why we do it, right? for the learing. Just keep on keeping on. :D


I've tried to teach my students that there's no right and wrong in knitting, and that your goal is to get the project to look how you intended it to look. My daughter began by always twisting her stitches; one day she understood what I meant by twisted and decided to change to untwisted stitches - because she liked that look more. Now she uses her "wrong" stitches (ie the twisted ones) to good effect when she wants more texture.

I figure as long as what I'm making comes out how I intended, I'm doing just fine. :)


I think knitting is a combination of process and finished product. For many knitters, they see the process of knitting as the important piece, and others, it is only the end result. But really, everything is the sum of it's parts, and knitting is no different.

If you've created a stunning piece, but were miserable while knitting it, is that piece somehow better than the one that may not be perfect, but was created with love and joy?

I believe the bottom line with knitting, much like life, is to find balance. Find a piece that you love, enjoy the creative path it leads you down, appreciate the lessons you may learn on the way, and delite in the finished project, even if it isn't exactly what you originally intended. It came from you, and no matter how good a knitter is, no one will ever be able to exactly recreate that piece again.

Just my early morning, pre-caffeine ramblings ;-)

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