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Hey Sweet, sorry that you feel so bitter and bugged at the moment, hopefully when the heat breaks for you a bit you'll feel better. Being hot always makes me more short tempered than normal (if that's actually possible!).

My projects don't fly off the needles either, not even those that should. I was racing along with Pia and then hit snags on the back straps which took me days to work out and then I flew along on the front and have been stalled at the second front bit for days now. Whenever I feel cocky and think I'm doing really well I find something like the dropped stitch on Clover which sets me back days...

Big hugs



Sorry about the bitter day, Tam! We've all been there... I just hope today has been better!

My projects don't fly off the needles either--I have so many WIPs that I have not touched in several months... but I try to remind myself that it is not a race for fastest knitter :)

I hope things are better--take care!


Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I added you to my blog roll after reading your rant that FO's in no time is BS.

My projects never seem to fly off my needles either.
Personally I think that some of these knitting bloggers are just showing stuff they made years ago and are claiming they just got done.

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