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I have times where I feel bad about my yarn stash as well. I hate the term 'stashbusting' and even more 'yarn diet' but at the moment I have decided that I will only buy yarn that is something really really special (or sock yarn or laceweight lol) until I have knit up all the projects that I bought yarn specifically for. I have 2 drawers full of projects as well as a small cupboard full of yarn that has no project assigned yet and I think that's enough for now.

Some yarn, like 4 ply cotton, I don't mind stashing as I know that one day they will probably discontinue it and I will use it up in time as it's my favourite, but I'm done with the spur of the moment yarn purchases that aren't enough to do anything with. Why do I buy 2 or 4 balls of stuff????

It's easy to get sucked in I think as the pull of yarn can be strong, but I'm sure your stash isn't out of control and you'll knit most of it in time, try to enjoy what you're doing now rather than letting the boxes bully you! :o)


Um yeah...what you said. Just went again to Tuesday Morning today and HAD to buy yarn because it was SOOOOOOO cheap..even though I have more than I can possibly knit anytime soon.


When an art collector buys many paintings, no one thinks there should be guilt for buying than can be "used" in a lifetime. There is no limit on beauty...and yarn is a thing of beauty. So stash away free of that particular guilt, Tam.

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