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Socks! Gotta love them! I was thinking about how many socks I could do this month too... ;)

I say you can do 5 pairs--10 socks! I will watch in wonder, Tam!


Lolly said 5 pairs, so I'm going to guess 6!


Ooh, I shall join you for Socktober! I've just finished up a pair of socks for my husband and cast on a pair for myself, the first I've done for me since SockaPal2za. Since it's already a week into the month, I"m going to set myself a goal of 3 pairs of socks! Yay, Socktober!

I love knitting socks since you almost never get bored with sock knitting since you change the part you are knitting often (cuff, heel etc) and they can be finished quickly for an nearly "instant" gratification high. Well, as much of an instant gratification high as you can get in knitting without using broomsticks and triple stranded chunky yarn.


And I forgot to mention Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. It's a must have. It has tons of stitch patterns you can use for socks and is written for dpns and 2 circulars. It's really an awesome book!


I love the idea of Socktober!!! I, too, shall join you in the Socktober Festivities. I just finished a pair for my daughter and have promised both the kids Halloween socks, plus there is the SixSox pattern I want to make for me for Halloween. Mustersocken put out 8 patterns this month too . . . at least I think there were 8 in English. I think we need a button for Socktober, too.

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