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We studied Nielsen's Heuristics in a library science class I took this summer, but I had not seen this blog list before. Very interesting, indeed.
I find the calendar navigation very helpful in my own use of blogs... I use mine all of the time when I go back and try to remember when something happened... the navigation makes sense for any website, not just blogs. It is very common for new readers to go back and read archived post--navigation back to the present posts is very helpful in this way.

Great post. Thanks!
Do you mind if I link to it in my next entry? this would be an interesting topic for a big post about blogs in general. Let me know if you mind ;)


I'm a designer, so I come to this partially from a business objective. I think it's really relevant for industry blogs, which are becoming more useful and prominent all the time (try keeping up on web design without blogs. Doesn't work).

I do think that relevant post names are important for major entries that can be used in the future, or for reference for others. A surprising number of readers have found my site because I mentioned "short rows" or "felted sweaters" in my post titles. Those entries become references for people, they get links from other sites, which in turn makes your site more important. If you're interested in being a resource or gaining readership, it's a useful tool.

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