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As someone with a fairly new blog, I often wonder that myself. Of course many popular blogs are great blogs, but others I view as "historically popular" - there's a circle of sorts of people who have been blogging for a while and developed reinforcing personal relationships that come out in links and comments, etc. For some of these blogs, it's less about the blog and more about the blogger.

As an aside, I just discovered your blog recently, and I find it a very worthwhile read. And your sidebars are lovely ;)


I wonder about this all of the time. I think it is quite an anomaly, actually. I think some blogs are just popular because they have been around for a long time, or because they are friends with people who have popular blogs. Others get barely a notice, but have great content, great designs, and wonderful crafts to show....

Thanks for bringing up this important topic, Tam. I am always wondering about it in my head, but rarely voice anything.


Since Theresa seconded that emotion, and Lolly "thirded" it, I'll just have to say Me Too!!! I read some of the popular kids' blogs and often wonder. But some of my faves are the more obscure and lesser known blogs. The blogisphere is an interesting creature, eh?


Yup, add me to the list - it's really a matter of personal taste and momentum I think. Yes some of the "big blogs" have alot to offer, but there are also others that don't. And sometimes for a newer knitter/blogger, it may be like a feather in the cap to say they read blogs X Y & Z, hence proving they AREN'T a newb after all (or so the logic may go). That's kinda what I mean by momentum - "If Mary and Jane know about Blog X, *I* should know about Blog X, and I better let all my friends know too so they won't feel left out."

Ive always kinda chosen my friends my own way, just as I chose my blogs based on similar qualities. I like what I like, and won't make apologies for it (except sometimes, because I know my tatse can straddle cheesy occassionally LOL)

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