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Look at all of those projects! You are a star!!! I am starting to think about things to make from my stash as well, because I have an ABSURD amount of cotton fleece and random sock yarn. Maybe I'll get through some of it this spring...
Thanks for the button! It is PERFECT! I love it! I have a piece of clip art on my computer at work that I'd love to incorporate into a button, also, but I don't even know where to start, what program I have to use, etc.... Any advice would be great!


I gotta tell you, it get "easier" to ignore the "rules" and purchase after the first couple of times.

I used to have a rule where I had to use, for eg. 3 lbs. before I could purchase 1 lb. and if I purchased before I used, I would owe 5 times what I purchased!

I've been in the red for a long, long time.


Good job on the stashalong! I, too, have a yarn store problem - my LYS is less than two blocks away and adjacent to my favorite coffee shop. I hope that I can restrain myself for a while, maybe I'll join the next stashalong for support/motivation/etc.

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