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I just got Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting Techniques just for the intarsia-in-the-round technique. It seems to be the same as knitting flat, except that you slip the end stitch to the other needle when you turn, so you work it only at the end of each round (alternating knit and purl rounds). (I haven't tried it yet but it has to beat cutting the yarn on every round.)


Oops. It's D.Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting. not 'techniques'. 2004, and it has other neat stuff in it too.


It's going to be felted right? I did that recently (the bag was more narrow) but when it felted. most of the floats felted in or I snipped them since they are no longer 'structural' peices.. the felting holds it together.. So. don't worry about it. too much!!


Okay...maybe I'll scrap the notion of learning/attempting Intarsia, even though it's just the little pocket from Knitty's Anouk pattern. I see that jumble of yarn you presented, and I get the willies.


Be careful with the floats as they felt - they can pull things in tighter.

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