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In terms of careers, I never fell into either of those groups. I hated mastering my job because it meant instant boredom. I wasn't seeking the next rung, as I had no interest in longer work days and carrying a company mobile phone. As for my knitting motivation? Who can say where that comes from? Lately, I've been less motivated to knit than I have been to read. Actually, the reading is good because I don't have to face fitting or seaming issues.


My work motivation has changed as my life has changed.

I worked for a resort management company when I first got married because I got to know all the resort managers and therefore was offered free weekend vacations. When my son was born I went to work for my family so that I could bring him to work with me, and even though I hated the type of work the ability to keep him around was worth it. Now I'm doing customer service and I absolutely love it. I won't be promoted to anything in the next 5 years even... but I'm really okay with that. I enjoy my work and to me that's worth a lot.

My knitting motivation is kind of the same way. It all depends on what I'm doing at that moment in time. Right now I'm feeling good about myself and where I am, so I'm making a sweater for myself... the first big thing that I've made just for me.


My motivations are ever-changing, as well. Right now, work can barely distract me from wanting to NOT be at work. Time for a different job, for sure!

In knitting, I am almost entirely monkey-see monkey-do, with my own twists. I love a good idea and a good design, and they inspire me. I am constantly hungry for artistic inspiration, so I seek out a lot of different things to feed the need.

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