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Poor Husband, he'll never learn till he takes up knitting ;-)

Hmm, let's see ... anything that is not 100% wool or Fair Isle, when I have to figure out something myself, knitting with short circulars ... Oh forget it, too many to mention.


No, it's not just you. I do the same thing whenever I am about to try something new to me or something that confuses me.

I'm glad you are enjoying your project again!


I dread picking up stitches, so I often just avoid procrastiknitting by not even starting project that requires too much of it.


With me it's the endless foot. You know... knit the cuff of the sock, turn the heel, now we are on the endless foot! I have size 7 feet (U.S.) so I can only imagine how much procrastinating I'd be doing if I was knitting a bigger sock...


I do this anytime I read too far into a pattern and get to a part where I don't immediately understand some directions. I will knit up to that part and then stop. My eyes glaze over and I freeze up. I have to force myself to sit down with the knitting and just do what the directions say.
If I'm going to do a new/complicated pattern, it's always good if I plan to give it away so it has some deadline on it. That way i will surely go back to it.

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