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I must have the same Skinny Girl telling me the same things. I might try your Tough Love approach!


I have the same problem with my skinny girl! Maybe they just need to get together and take a vacation while I work on getting back to that size?


From one internal Skinny Girl to another, I'm laughing my (not as fat as it could be) butt off. "Concealing my ass with a tarp..." Excellent! So, true, I don't think my clever choices are fooling anyone, and they probably aren't so clever after all.


I have the same skinny girl telling me the same things...now if I could just find my tarp so I can go to the store... ;o)

btw, the weight gain? It's called your 30's. I was a six until I turned 31 :o(


For me, approaching 30 this year end means that I am really watching out my junk feeds (mostly chips as those add a lot of salt into your body) ~ still can't avoid those chocolates though.

Have more dried fruits around -- they are naturally sweet, flavorsome, filling & more importantly, healthy. :)


Hey, Skinny--

Skinny, here, sharing the skinny.

I turn 40 this year, and I was lucky enough to go all the way to my late 30's before I started packing it on. Cruel, Cruel fate, made me so hopeful! But with all the candy and chocolate cravings, skinny was forced to leave. So sad...

But I have to figure that I have given up a lot of bad habits already, so I know that I can give up this one, too. Do I want to, though? Isn't a bit of chocolate or some licorice worth it in the end? What if I get hit by a bus tomorrow? I don't want my last thought to be, "I wish I would have had more candy!"


Ugh, I'm so there right now. I had a happy weight, I used to go back to it, but I'm not springing back. I made it through Christams and Thanksgiving just fine, but superbowl and Valentines got me. Whoda thunk it??
I keep putting it off, but I got to get back. I'm sporting the stuffed sausage look too.
Too bad knitting isn't more exercise, eh?

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