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Good for you losing 7lbs already. It's really good that you realize that to keep weight off your lifestyle must be sustainable. Good luck with the rest!


One small thing... a lot of the time, what you feel as a small or lingering "hunger" urge is actually a thirst urge, especially if you aren't drinking enough fluids to begin with. I've noticed that many people in the states have a problem with confusing the hunger and thirst urges, specifically because of the strange eating habits, schedules, and such of today's U.S. denizens.

So you might want to try a drink such as gatorade, power aid, or any electrolyte infused water (or just plain ol' water) first before you succumb to the urge to snack.


I'll tell you what worked to get me drinking my water more regularly, as I don't care for just plain water either. One, I started carrying a 32oz Nalgene bottle with me everywhere. Two, I put a packet of Emergen-C (go search at Vitaminshoppe.com for it) in the bottle with my water. It supplements my vitamin C intake and flavors the water just enough to make it easier to drink. I like the lemon-lime and tangerine flavors, but it comes in many others as well.

I struggle with food and eating habits. I am fundamentally lazy and having kids has not helped at all. We eat out way too often and I always make poor food choices.

I wish you luck on this journey - it'll be great for you to eat more healthfully, I'm sure you'll feel wonderful.


Great news about your weight loss, Tam! As you may know, I am going through the same process right now, so I am right there with you. It is hard, but the results and good healthy feelings make it worth it. Sounds like you are on the right track, and doing what works for you.
Best of luck and you can always email me for support! ;)



I know you feel daunted by the amount you want to lose, but 7 pounds is almost a dress size, so that's amazing.

I feel the same as you about the disconnects. I disillusion myself all the time about what I do and what I should do. That's really great that you're logging everything. I need to get back to that. It's a real eye opener, and I think I need that kind of reminder.

Way to go girrrl!


First off, CONGRATULATIONS! 7lbs is a very good amount.

As for the rest, I hear you and feel you on all of this. I have 40lbs to lose, and the motivation just isn't there. I am going to think of you as my lifestyle change partner and get some group motivation going.


Try eating light at night- for example, sorbet or popcorn.


Sounds like you have a great plan and a great start. Writing everything down REALLY helps. And don't bother lying to yourself. Yeah, cause I'm just a weight loss expert. Hahahaha

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