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Well, if they did, I'm definitely a "no skein, just needles" or "very little skein" ;-) But then, most of the LYSes here do not have a good reputation for good service and one is definitely racist!

Carry the yarns I want in the amounts I want - what is so strange about buying 2 bags of Kureyon? - and I might buy.

Sorry for the rant :-(


I think customer service is an interesting thing, it would be nice if everyone is treated equally however I find many of my LYS clique-like or downright rude so I avoid them at any cost. I think of virtual yarn stores as my local yarn stores.

Btw, 20k a year on yarn! You've got to be kidding me! I'm probably in the 2-5k a year range. sheesh!


Sounds like other people have the same sorts of issues I do. I feel bad for going to the LYS and not buying anything. The owner makes me uncomfortable and their daughters work there and the girls fight and the owner yells at them. It's annoying. She also commented once that I had been in "alot" and hadn't bought anything. It made me feel really uncomfortable and I wondered the same thing about the lists. Now every time I go in, I feel like HAVE to buy something, and with a very limited budget and being very picky, that can't always happen. Nothing worse than feeling like you have slink around a store to get what you want.

Ofcourse, if I had a 20k budget, I'd probably never leave with out a little skein of this or that.


As someone who sometimes works at a yarn store, I will tell you that it's not about how much you spend or if you come into browse and look for inspiration -- not at all. It's all about those customers who buy their yarn at the big box craft stores, come to the local shop, and then harass the staff for hours with questions and a "knit this for me" attitude. I can't think of a time when I haven't enjoyed talking with someone who dropped into the shop to talk about yarn and look around at new yarns -- even if they didn't spend a dime.


Twenty. Thousand. Dollars. A. Year.

I feel sick.

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