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Yup, you're scaring me! What did they put in that yarn? Brand, please. I'm not going to buy that one ;-)


oh no! How scary!


Wow, happy to rip. There MUST be some serious crack in that yarn.
Glad you found your mojo, btw. Happy to rip is a pretty good sign it's backk ;)


I have found ripping to be quite cathartic on more than one occasion. I had almost finished the Soleil camisole (from Knitty) - and lost the pattern (and my notes) so I didn't know where I was so I just ripped the whole thing.


wow. happy to rip?

Actually, I have been there a couple of times so I can't say anything ;o)


Sometimes it is nice to rip, then you don't have those mistakes staring mockingly at you. good for you.


Welcome to the Rip Parade. :)


Wow - that's a lot of ripping! Are you going to persist and reknit it in the same yarn?

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