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Three hours? No wonder she's nuts.


Oh that Martha! I am sure she is aware that good sleep is the best medicine there is -- and having a staff to help you with everything! Celebrity advise is best tossed across the room. They don't live in the real world.


Agreed - I routinely get that amount of sleep (or less) and it makes me less productive, not more.


I'm thinking that when Martha's daughter was a baby, she wasn't the one getting up to parent her at night. Otherwise she'd know what it's like to parent on next to no sleep and she wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

I love the socks! Is that the Opal 6-ply? Where did you get it? I don't think I've seen it around here yet.


Oh yeah...bug nuts, that one is...


I totally agree with you. Really, I'm a nightmare on less than 7 hours.
I sure wish you could just "find" time. Store it up like a chipmunk and take it out when you needed it. Especially in those final days before the holidays. Man, wouldn't that be cool??

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