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There are plenty of knitters who have only racked up one or two items to date. A dozen is huge compared to that. And I'm under the impression that Norma doesn't have young kids at home. You do. I think each kid should equal at least...oh...33 projects. That puts you way ahead of Norma (the wench we all adore).


I think I've finished a grand total of six things this year - and they're all socks - so don't feel bad ;o)


I am afraid to count my finished projects -- I'm sure the number is less than 12. I'm not even going over to look at Norma's!


I got no idea how some people finish so fast. I think some of it has to do with having a commute where you can knit. I drive myself to and from work, so I can't knit on the train, which means I knit an hour or so less than some others.
Also, you have children and you're trying to get in shape, so those things take time.
I fell you on the feeling slow, thing, but think about all the other great stuff you're doing with life! =)

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