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Maybe that's why I almost never have my photograph taken! But, at least your hair, skin and dress look good ;-)


Love the shoes!

This always happens to me. I see a photograph and I think where did that old woman come from...I know I'm still 20 and look like that...sure....that's what I keep telling myself until the pictures come back.


Listen, you do NOT look as big as a house! You are working on your fitness, and that is to be applauded. Seriously, you are being too critical; you look adorable. You will see it when you finally reach your goal, but don't fail to see the beauty and poise you have as you work towards that goal. :-)


But you did look beautiful that day - because you were in motion, smiling, happy, enjoying life. That's gorgeous.


I think you look lovely :) and you look so. damn. happy. which makes youmore beautiful.


I think you look wonderful in the pictures - it certainly looks like you're having a good time! I hope you're able to meet your fitness goals - it'll be good for your body and your mind, I think.

I've decided that I'm going to join the Y when I return from my vacation... I'm afraid to have my picture taken because I don't want to see just how fat I really am, though the size of that skirt hanging in the closet tells me exactly how fat I am. Ugh.


I think you look great in those pictures, loving life and having a great time!

P.s. love that dress!

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