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That is a beautiful book. It reminds me of the Knitting Nature book, too. Lovely, but I'll probably never put any of the projects high enough on my to-knit list to actually get to them.


Handpaint Country is my personal coffee table favorite.


Mmm cookies! =)

Sometimes you just have to give your body a little break and it will suprise you =)


Our bodies have a tremendous ability to adapt. With the exercise and the cut back in food, maybe you were not fueling your body enough. Quite often, when you hit a plateau, you need to change one thing, and it will jump start the program all over again. I would look at this as a fresh start. Start all over again today (11/01/06). Forget the past pounds lost, etc. Approach it fresh.


You are too sweet! It's funny that I have the exact same thought about those particular knitting books. I own all three, and for that exact reason - beautiful pictures that inspire whether you ever plan to knit any of the items or not. It's fun to just sit and flip through them every few weeks or months. Your blog has been added to my daily reads and I'll come back to visit often. Love your blog!


...a coffee table book - brilliant! Now I know where to keep that book...since I'll never have time to knit anything out of it *sigh*

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