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It's really not a rescue. You thought thru what needed to be done in the situation to get back into the car and home. It was just more convenient and cheaper to call your husband rather than a locksmith. See...all better? A real rescue would have been you falling apart and the convenience store guy having to figure it all out for you...


Ooh - lucky you having the rest of the week off. I'm counting down the hours/minutes until Friday around 1pm. When I leave work then, I don't come back until NEXT YEAR -- Tuesday, January 2nd! Woo Hoo!!!

Happy knitting and enjoy your days off.


I probably would've been vaguely offended by the intimation that I needed rescuing in that situation, too. Helpless little lady? Hardly. Just forgetful ;-)

Enjoy your vacation! I hope you get lots of knitting time.


Yay for time off! :o)

I bet the guy had no idea he was asking such a profound question ;o)

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