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I've only realised recently that "knots are evil" and that they can worm their way to the public side! At least that's what I read.

What I do depends on the type of yarn (can it be split spliced?) and location of the knot (is it at a seam?). But really, they don't bother me and I've never had one travel to the public side!

Gorgeous socks!


To knot or not to knot...that is the question...and a quandary. (I feel a blog post coming on!) Most of the time I curse, grit my teeth, and cut the knot out, knowing that means two more ends to weave in. Occasionally I just leave it in, depending on location, yarn texture, and whether or not I care if it ever works through to the right side.


Knots piss me off!!!!
Having said that, if they are small, I let them go, depending on where they are. If it's at a critical spot in the knitting, where a join would be bad, I try to leave it, if possible. If I'm able to remove it, especially if the yarn can be spliced, then I do it.
What I really try to do is pay attention when I'm winding, and if I find knots, I kill them then, and splice them or start another center pull ball. That way in advance when I should start a new ball of yarn instead of getting half way through my heel flap and being pissed about a knot.


What do I do or what do I know I should do??? =)

If it's a small knot I will knit so it will face the private side (and hope it doesn't move) Otherwise I will usually snip the knot out and then come back later and weave the ends together. However for the ones I leave I'm always worried about them coming loose.


I love the socks! My daughter would as well - she's a bit ladybug-obsessed.

For the knots, it depends on the yarn and the project. I always remove knots, regardless of fiber and project, because I'm sure they'll eventually end up on the right side of the fabric or come undone. In a feltable fiber, I'll do a spit splice to join the ends. In a non-feltable fiber, I usually knit with both pieces for 3-4 stitches and then weave in the ends later on.


Yeah, I think it would have to have spots to really remind me of ladybugs. Looks good, though!

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