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Judy Schandelmeier

I learned Continental at age 6 from a Swedish Grandmother, learned the other way in high school. I can'tr imagine anyone wanting to knit any other way than picking as it is so much faster! I have the yarn right off of my finget though and very close to the knitting and I notice in the videos that they usually have their yarn way up in the air. I love knitting and just found the blogs and I feel like I have learned a lot from them. thanks everyone.


I'm a thrower and have dabbled in continental a few times. It's awkward to me and I have great difficulty purling and keep consistent tension. I've thought about being more serious about switching, but haven't.


I grew up a thrower, but I've learned how to pick. Now I go back and forth depending on my mood, the yarn, and the pattern. I still can't purl continental very efficiently, which I know is just a matter of practice. I was thinking yesterday that continental knitters always look like they know things that throwers don't. It's sort of like Macs vs PCs. PC users get the job done, but Mac users seem so unstressed. (I have both by the way. Do we see a pattern here?)


I'm a thrower for day to day knitting, but if I do colorwork then I pick and throw, keeping one color in my left and one in my right.


I throw, but I'd like to switch. I've tried, but I can't quite get the hang of it. I'm planning on making the switch for real when I start my next big project.


I knit British, but I would like to switch to Continental, as it would probably save my right shoulder a good deal of movement and tension. I guess I just have to start over with an easy project. I can pick the knits, but it's the purling Continental that is quite difficult for me.


I mostly throw, but I can pick if I have to. I know the throwing is slower, I just can't get comfortable with the picking...


I've always wanted to learn to pick but I don't know anyone who does it. I taught myself to knit from books and the internet several years ago and have tried to teach myself to pick but just don't seem to find pictures that make it clear to me. Maybe'll I'll get it someday.

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