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How do I keep my place in charts? Usually by my well-developed ability to read my work. I'm terrible at keeping track of my pattern, marking my place, etc., so I've had to learn to read my work really well. In the lace shawl I have going, I do keep a clicky row counter but can't trust it (it's a favored kid toy) so I count my stitches and consult the pattern to see where I am (triangular shawl knit from the bottom up). In cables, it's a little harder since I still haven't figured out how to tell how many rows I am from a cable crossing. I usually put a split-ring marker in the cable-crossing row and move it/add a new one at every new crossing. For fair-isle/stranded knitting, I just look at my work and compare it to the chart. Everything else is just by eye, generally.


For all, I use written instructions. With Fair Isle, because of the colours and # of stitches of each colour, it's easy to know where I am. With lace and Arans/textures, I use a counter. If it's knitted in the round, I put the counter on a stitch holder and pin it on to the garment. I also have a document which tells me how the knitted row relates to the pattern rows ... Row 1/P. 1 ;-)


I pretty much do it just exactly how you do. I made a mistake pretty similar to yours in my first fake isle as well. Learn as you go, I guess.


well you have the same technique as I do.. so hey I can't give you any new ideas!
But I like the idea of Technique Tuesday.. mind if I do it too??


Hmmm I always use magnet boards to keep track of my place in the chart, and will often enlarge them if they're too small on the copier. Alongside that I usually use a row counter to keep track of the rows, it's especially important to know where you left off if you toss it in a bag as the magnets have a tendency to move.

If it's a easy charted pattern I'll highlight through the rows every once in a while.


I have a magnet board, like you'd put on the fridge, that I put the charts on. I stuck some wee magnets on the back of a metal ruler and I use the ruler to keep my row. I also use a row counter, just in case.
I do use a lifeline, but usually only move it up once a chart repeat, depending on the size of the chart. The more stiches, the less I want to move the lifeline (but, ofcourse, the more I need it!).

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