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=) too tough of a question for me - my brain hurt just trying to wrap what I was thinking into words =)

It still does otherwise I would try to answer it now. ;) Hope you don't hate me for it =)


Sorry! I read from work and didn't feel like really thinking yesterday. Choosing color is such a huge topic it's hard to know where to start. Lately I've been finding colors/yarns that I like and then finding a pattern to fit them. Very rarely do I actually use the yarn called for. Most of the time I choose yarns that my LYS has or can get so I can see the colors and feel the textures in person. Right now I am fascinated with the Cascade Quattro selections and am finding things to do based around the colors that I like. The new Knitty surprise pattern Dragonfly is probably going to fit the bill as a Quattro knit, but the Artyarns Supermerinos are beautiful too. Color is my weakness - I like them all!
By the way - are you going on the knitting retreat? Haven't heard from you. Hopefully I will see you there!


A day late here --
I had a colour analysis done several years ago, and I select all of my clothing and yarn colours based on that palette. The feel of the yarn is important, but also the "body" of it. Some patterns require yarn with drape, whilst others require yarn with more "beef" to them. It's always a struggle to bring together the yarn with the proper gauge, body and colour for any given pattern. Since I'm so selective about colour, I either opt for my LYS for yarn, or if ordering online, I get a colour card or make sure there's a good return policy.

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