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Second choice. To me, purchasing a pattern is the equivalent of paying someone to think for me. I just want to knit! If I wanted to think, I would design it myself ;-)


I am not an adventurous knitter and I need to be "shown" how to do something and just can't read patterns well. This is why I haven't knit any socks tho I would love to do that!


I frequently change techniques up when reading a pattern. Especially when it comes to socks or mitts, which is a lot of what I knit. I even change how I SSK depending on what it's being used for i.e. lace or shaping. That's the part of knitting that's so great. No one says that if you don't do the pattern exactly it's not perfect. I use patterns more as guidelines than as strict rules. I do a lot of things in life like that, though, so I guess it makes sense. I think of them as more knitting recipes than patterns :)


It's interesting how we evolve as knitters isn't it? I started off by following patterns to a T, and now if I don't agree with a set of techniques/instructions in a pattern I will branch off and do it my own way.


I use patterns most of the time, but I almost never follow a pattern exactly. I knit circularly when the pattern has you knitting flat; I do three-needle bind-offs instead of sewing a seam; I add short rows.

Some of the things I change are horrible catastrophes; some of them are brilliant. It sort of evens out.


Well, I don't love toe-up socks for one thing. And I'm not huge on taking classes either, probably because I taught myself and I find I can generally do it faster on my own. But regardless of where I learn a new technique, I mix-and-match with abandon.


I change techniques all the time - especially with socks. There are certain toes and heels I like so I use them. The one exception are the socks I am knitting from the Vintage Socks book since I want to learn new techniques for heels and toes.

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