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I can't see the mistake!! It's looking really pretty.

I personally don't stretch the garment, per se, bit I do sort of flatted it to how I think it will lay once completed-- does that make sense?


I have always held up my knitting to measure it. I figure that when I'm wearing it it will hang down so that's the measurement I need to take. It's also the only way I get a consistant measurement, laying the work down gives me all kinds of different numbers!


That's why I don't swatch! I figure I can always get whatever gauge they want me too ;-)

Duplicate stitch or ignore!


The color mistake can be duplicate stitched to cover the mistake.

Gauge meausrement should be done by placing the piece on a smooth surface, do not stretch, measure the work below the needles. That last row disappears whe4n you bind off.


I just let it lay where it will and measure from there - although I have no idea if this is the proper way to do it.


Well, I don't see the mistake either, so I'd leave it alone. Or duplicate stitch over it later, if it bothers you.
I measure for garment length with the piece laid flat, smoothed out a bit so the sweater doesn't end up too short. If I'm trying to match front piece to back, though, this can bite you in the butt and give you two different sized pieces. Unfortunately, I've found counting rows is most reliable for this. I try to do this as I knit, putting a coil-less pin (no matter how I spell that, it looks wrong!) every 10 rows or so. it makes the counting easier later.


I had to really search to find the mistake so you could easily leave it as is and no one but you would even notice. If it bothers you do the duplicate stitch thing mentioned above. Looking great!


Looks beautiful to me!


No stretching, but make sure you lay it on a flat surface like a table or the floor when you measure.

I hope your wrist is better!

Romelda mckee

I saw Lily CHin on TV and she said she always held it up (if it was a sweater) as if to wear it and measured the hang of the piece. Made sense to me but I'm a rank amateur!! I cannot see the color mistake, looks beautiful to me

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