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Because of what I read, I thought Fair Isle and steeking was going to be difficult or scary. They're easy and fun!

I want to try Entrelac but I'm avoiding it because I dislike picking up stitches. Something else I want to try is double knitting.


I was looking at a class list at a
LYS, one of the classes was listed as "intermediate: must be able to K, P, YO, Inc, Dec, CO, BO". That was it, heck most knitters who have moved beyond scarves can to that.


There are some things I haven't attempted yet, but I'm not really afraid of anything. I do try to avoid anything with a crocheted on edging and doing the i-cord BO is an enormous PITA, but that's all I can think of.


I love picot edgings, but I have to say that I should learn more cast-on methods. Usually I get lazy and just stick with the long-tail cast-on.


Steeking seems terrifying to me. I'm sure I'll give it a try someday, and find it's not that hard. Lace used to sound hopelessly difficult, it's not, just requires paying attention.

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