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One word for you - duplicate stitch, easy peasy.

Although I wouldn't have even noticed them if you hadn't pointed them out, so they might not even be worth fixing. =)


I would definitely block first. Why knit in fear? And most wool grows a little bit, or can be pinned out to cover a little more area. Go for it. And document, so we can all learn :)


Good luck with the blocking! I'm sure you can convince 100% wool to open up a little (or a lot as the case may be) - Cascade always grows for me, so I'd be this will too.


I honestly didn't see a mistake...I must be losing my touch!


I usually block each sweater piece as I go along, but that's really my own personal space issue. It might take a little tugging, but I'm sure you'll be fine!


Hi all!

What can I say?


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