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Tam, I used the backward loop cast on for many years before an intimidating yarn shop lady told me it was no good, and made me learn long-tail. Ok, I accept that the longtail is in general a better cast on, but there are lots of items for which it really doesn't make any difference. For example, what difference does it make in a felted bag? Or a frilly scarf? When I teach someone to knit, I teach them the backward loop because it's easy. I want them to have a fighting chance to remember it and be independent. There's plenty of time to learn other cast ons, once you're hooked on knitting. And I dont' remember a time anyone has ever examined my knitting closely to see what cast on I used. I won't look at yours if you don't look at mine. :)


I just got the magazine and the cute stitch markers last night-- thanks soooooo much! I really, really appreciate it!


Actually, backward loop is very handy, because it works when you have to cast on in the middle of a row. I learned long-tail first and "knitting on" second, but taught myself backward loop because I needed to know it.


I too used backward loop for many years before I learned long tail cast on, then knitting on. I agree that it really does not matter in some cases.

I would like to learn to knit continental and to work two colors at once, one in each hand.

Great question.


I'd like to be able to knit with my left hand - I finally have the tension part down but I get so freaking tense that my hands cramp up after two rows. :o(

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