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I've never made a complicated pattern more than once. Occasionally I consider reknitting Ene's Scarf. Otherwise, there are some scarves, a few socks (Chalet Socks from Folk Knits comes to mind) and things I'm giving in group gifts - Flower Petal Washcloth, etc.


Good question, Tam. One I ponder a lot because I generally don't want to repeat a pattern, no matter how successfully it turned out. Except for socks...while I sometimes stray and tackle a patterned sock, mostly I'm happy with my one basic sock pattern. I just vary the yarn. But everything else...I want it to be different in some significant way. I can't really explain why...it just is.


I don't think I've ever knit something twice - I haven't found a pattern I love enough to do more than once.

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