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More often than not, a wip gets derailed when it hits a point in the pattern where it requires more attention than I can give it at the moment. In the void, if I start something new (which usually happens!) the derailment becomes prolonged. My Tilt Jacket has been derailed for a year due to this. I do plan to complete it, I really do. Now would be a good time, before I start several other items. Hah! Not gonna happen. :)


Most of the time it's because I've made a mistake and I have to go back, and I just don't want to. A lot of times I decide the project isn't working out, but I don't have the energy or will to frog it. I have several socks on the needles that need to be frogged. The last option is because I've come to a part I don't fully understand. I get frustrated. I put it down and never pick it back up. I might get to it later or never. Hard to say, really.


I agree with the "too much attention" comment - if it takes too much time at the present, I often cast on something simpler. Sometimes the reverse, as well - I need something more complex.

The other major factor in abandonment is seasonal - my unfinished tanks are now on hold and I feel compelled to work on the cardigans I abandoned last March.

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