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Count me in - and I love the name.


Count me in too!!!!


Does frogging stuff you've had lying around forever count? I have so many things I need to rip and rethink.
Either way I'd be up for it. I have a couple of things stewing to take care of =)


Froggin counts to me. There's a reason they ain't gettin' worked on now isn't there!


hmm to do that I would have to GET some projects on the needles first!!


I'm in!


I should probably step up like a big girl and make the commitment. Would ripping be permitted if it was honestly decided that a particular garment/whatever just isn't going to work out properly?


Hmmm. Sounds like a plan, but have you SEEN how many things I have on the needles??? No way I would ever make that deadline. lol Especially with the bad startitis lately. And by the way you are a horrible influence. I had to go out and get the pattern and yarn for the Bernat snowflake sweater you showed recently. And it is calling my name....I may just end up casting on as many projects as you finish by the end of the year. lol

Jane Piotraschke

I am too--I don't have a blog--yet.

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