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I used to set yearly and monthly goals for my knitting and tried so hard to accomplish them. Then I went back to work and had a baby and went back to work again, so my knitting time is really limited! Now I want to work on whatever the heck I want! I still have things that I'd like to do and have an idea of new techniques that I'd like to try, but I don't schedule them for myself.


I set absolutely no goals. Sure there's things I'd like to try or like to knit, but I find setting goals makes it feel like a job, and job = it not being any fun anymore. I like to be free and creative and do what I want when I want. Setting goals for my creative things stresses me out, so I avoid it.


I tend to set goals each month, but I don't stress myself out too much if I don't fulfill them--I'm a student, after all. But if I don't set some sort of goals for myself, I'll get caught up in startitis and completely overwhelm myself.

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