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I loved that book. I really enjoyed Blink by Malcolm Gladwell too. You should try that one next, I bet you'd like it.


The pattern. Always the pattern. And the yarn, of course. The knitter....certainly I'm interested in what others are knitting. And often, I'll see a pattern in a magazine or book and be uninterested. But when a knitter (in real life, or blogdom) makes it, it make take on new life for me. Perhaps she made it in a different yarn that I like better. Or seeing it on a real body makes it seem more like my style. Somehow I appreciate it more when real people knit it. (One of the things that makes Ravelry so valuable.) But jump on the bandwagon just because everyone is doing it...nope. I thought the Dream in Color kids sweater that the Harlot did was adorable until I saw it everywhere. Then it just got same old same old. I might make it for Abby or new grandbaby someday when no one else is making it anymore.

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