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As one troubled by her own office politics as of late I'm not one to give advice. I hate that you have to play games such as this just to get a paycheck. I would suppose as it is a big cheese you have to tread very carefully.

My motto these days is that I refuse to gossip. If someone brings up something I'm very good at the "um hum"...."oh"....and try to move on quickly. As such I've become very much the loaner at work.


Ok...it's "loner"...not "loaner"...so far I haven't been loaned to others (that I'm aware of! ;)


It's not really advice, but much of your description matches my personality. I cannot for the life of me hide when I disagree with something.
It's the hard road, I'm very well aware of that, but most people can eventually - after their back from whatever emotion I throw them in with my personality - respect the honesty and integrity at least.
Take them aside for this conversation - avoid public at all costs if YOU can - and be honest. Make sure you emphasise with their situation as well, it's a tough job playing allcompetent all day ;-)
They will have to decide what to do then, avoid you like hell - which makes me smile (bad, I know), or find their way to deal with you showing them their weakest points on appearance....


hoo boy - that is one reason why I left the corporate world to pay other people's bills and keep their $$ straight in my jammies. The only advice I can think of is this: Watch your back...

...and good luck!

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