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Winter Hats

Winter Hats

Pattern: Kim's Hats in the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. I love this pattern because there are so many different options available. You can select from a ribbed band, garter stitch band, ear flaps, pom poms, and more.

Yarn: Rowan Harris dk in a dark green, lime green, and orange colorway. Knit with TWO strands held together.

Needle Size: US 8

Time: About 6 hours for each hat.

Modifications: While I didn't modify the pattern for the hat, I did add a string of funky pom poms to the funky lime green/dark green hat (per the Youngest Son's request). Here's the How To:

1. Follow the instructions for the hat.

2. Bind off, but leave a tail to use to attach the I-cord.

3. Cast on three stitches and knit 14 inches of I-cord. Bind off and leave a 6-inch tail.

4. Cut a 1/2 inch card from cardboard or heavy paper stock to use when making the pom pom. Create two pom poms and attach to either end of the I-cord.

5. Center the I-cord and attach to the tail at the top of the hat.

6. Weave in all ends.