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Hallelujah, the sweater is complete. Never thought I would be so happy to finish a project. I'm sure we're all sighing a collective sigh of a relief as you all are probably tired of hearing about this thing. So I'll shut up now and just give you the specs:

Pattern: The Graduated Ribbed Sweater from the Knitter's Stash Book. I love this pattern, but (and that should be a big butt BUT) I really had a hard time following the directions for joining the sleeves to the body. In the end, I don't think I did it right as my sweater doesn't look exactly like the one in the photograph in the book. But hey, I have a sweater with sleeves attached and that pair of needles are now naked, which was my ultimate goal.

Yarn: Baruffa Merino's Otto in dark brown (colorway 300) and Khaki (yarn band lost long ago, sorry). This yarn was one of the first yarns added to my stash, back  when I stuck with earth tones. Now I like to dabble in the color. 

Needles: US 9--those babies are naked now! Woooohooooo!

Time: I started this project in February; however, it lived in my WIP basket until the Naked Stix Knit Along inspired me to finish it. I'm glad to be done with it. And now I have a sweater to wear.