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Candy Cane Stocking

Candy Cane Stocking

Pattern: The Pastel Candy Cane Stocking from the November 06 issue of Creative Knitting

Yarn: Plymouth Galway in pink, celery green, and creme.

Needles: US 8

Time: Less than a week.

Modifications: I knit this as written except for two things. I knit this in plain stockinette stitch as I didn't care for the wildflower stitch included in the written stitch pattern. It was just a little too fussy for me. Same goes for the snowflakes that were added to the original. I think the pattern is plenty fussy without these extras. I added the loop and the pink bells on the cuff.

Things I like: I love the finished stocking. LOVE it. I wasn't sure about the cuff at first, but that's my favorite part. Originally, I thought the cuff was crocheted, but it is knit separately and attached to the stocking. I love, love, LOVE it!

Things I would change: Next time, I will try something different for the heel flap. I followed the instructions word for word, but I don't like the look of the heel. The heel and toe instructions were the same. I thought that was strange as the toe and heel instruction always differ for socks, but I sucked it up and followed it as written. Of course, mine draws in a little more than is apparent in the pattern photo--I wonder if they have something inside theirs (like cardboard) to make it round.

I would also change the peppermint stripes. They are crocheted chains that are attached with the crochet slip stitch, which I learned to do for this pattern so it could be a rookie mistake and all, but I just didn't like the way the stripes were attached to the stocking. Next time I will just crochet a chain and sew it to attach the stripe.

But there will definitely be a next time for this pattern in different colors.