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Candy Cane Stocking II

Candy Cane Stocking II

Pattern: The Pastel Candy Cane Stocking from the November '06 issue of Creative Knitting.

Yarn: Plymouth Galway in red, creme, and pink.

Needles: US 8 for knit rows, US 7 for purl rows

Time: Over two weeks. It took longer than the first Candy Cane stocking because I was busier with work and holiday activities. And it also took longer because I alternated different sized needles for knit and purl rows.

Modifications: Again, I knit this in plain stockinette stitch as I don't care for the wildflower stitch included in the written stitch pattern. Same goes for the snowflakes that were added to the original. I think the pattern is plenty fussy without these extras. I added the loop.

Adding the crochet "stripe" and all the finishing involved in this pattern make it a challenge for me. I did my best, but even the second attempt is not quite perfect. Good enough, but not perfect. Oh well, I love it anyway.