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Picovoli with Picot Edge

Picovoli with Picot Edge


Pattern: Picovoli from MagKnits.

Yarn: Patons Brilliant yarn in Sparkling Rose. This was some of the yarn I purchased during a going out of business sale in January. The colorway is called Sparkling Rose, but it's more of a lavender color to me. The colorway caught my eye--that and the 75% off sales tag. I must have brought a little guilt home with all the items I purchased during that sale because I've managed to knit up most of that yarn by now.

Before deciding on Picovoli, I browsed through all my knitting books and magazines looking for the perfect project for the Patons Brilliant yarn. Then--when I wasn't looking, of course--I stumbled upon Picovoli while visiting the Knitting Virgin blog. I'm very happy with the way it turned out, although the finished fabric does seem a little drapey. I hope the sweater doesn't sag more with wear.

Oh well, I guess the sweater won't be the only thing sagging around here. I am pushing 40 ya know.

Needles: US 5.

Time: Two weeks. This was a very quick knit. And I absolutely love the picot edge. Love, love, LOVE it! Who knows? Maybe everything I knit for here on out will include a picot edge... Ya never know!