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Noro Scarf

Noro Scarf

The Pattern: Noro Scarf by Jared at Brooklyn Tweed

The Yarn: Noro Silk Garden; Two and 2/3 skeins of 211 and One and 1/3 skein of 84.

The Needles: US Size 8

The Other Comments: What can I say about this project that hasn’t already been said on a knitting blog? There’s something about scarf knitting that I find soothing. I enjoyed seeing the color patterns and trying to predict what would show up next.

It was "supposed" to be two skeins of each colorway, but I used stash yarn and this is what I had. And really, if the Noro skeins differ enough, I think you could get away with using the same colorway. As it was, I found that my two "different" colorways contained some of the same colors anyway. I had to clip the yarn a few times pull out a few inches from one of the skeins to get to a different color.

I loved knitting this scarf. And I don't want to jinx myself, but I think I found my knitting mojo. Mojo is mojo. Even if it's only for simple projects.